High Resolution Scanning Probe Microscope

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Catalog/Part Number: SPM-8100FM
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Catalog/Part Number:: SPM-8100FM

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The new HR-SPM scanning probe microscope uses frequency detection.
This instrument is not only capable of ultra-high resolution observations in air or liquids, but for the first time enables observations of hydration/solvation layers at solid-liquid interfaces.

Existing SPMs (scanning probe microscopes) and AFMs (atomic force microscopes) generally use AM (amplitude modulation). In principle however, the FM (frequency modulation) measurement method enables higher imaging resolution.

Features of the HR-SPM

High Resolution

  • Uses the FM method
  • Noise in air and liquids is reduced to 1/20 that of existing methods.
  • Achieves the performance level of a vacuum-type SPM, even in air and liquids.
  • Enables measurement of the local structure at the solid-liquid interface.

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Technical Specifications

Displacement detection system
Light source/optical lever/detector
Light source 
Laser diode (635 nm, 5 mW max., switchable ON/OFF) Irradiates cantilever continuously, even while replacing samples.
Max. sample size
38 mm dia. × 8 mm
Sample replacement method
Head-slide mechanism 
Sample securing method 
Element size: 1/3 inch
Vibration damper
Built into SPM unit
SPM head movement range
10mm x 10mm
Coaxial incident illumination

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