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    Medium Shelf (hanging beam type) by the tension between the beam and column and lateral oblique films supporting the role of support and cross-shelf increase in ruggedness and stability. At the same time, due to the use of beams form, its height can be adjusted on each floor, so that the layer spacing of shelves can be placed with the goods, it can adjust the size of the increase in inventory of arbitrariness and flexibility.
    Medium Shelf (hanging beam) on each state in the uniform load up to 500kg. Shelf between the two column pieces connected by beams, partitions laid the beams, so it is greater than the hanging plate rack to load. The main frame, sub-frame of the connection form can also save space and cost can be laid between the stringer beams across networks and all kinds of
    partitions, partitions can use the steel laminate wood laminates, MDF and so on

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