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    The Biosafety Cabinet is a safety device to protect the personnel, environment, and product. It is the most commonly used containment device for work with biohazardous agents or materials. During operations, it helps avoid expound to possible infectious aerosols and spills for the operation of experimental material of bio-hazardous, nature microbial strains or clinical diagnostic inspection sample. This Biosafety Cabinet is widely used in biological experiments the most important barrier (Primary Barrier) and frontline defense for the safety of the operator. Biological safety cabinets that are installed, certified, and used correctly offer user, environmental, and product protection from biohazards.

    Class II type A2 Biosafety Cabinets currently dominate the market in popularity among all Biosafety Cabinets. They are designed to work with agents that require Biosafety Level 1 – 3 containment and minimize hazards. A2 Biosafety Cabinets maintain negative pressure environments inside the cabinet during operation to prevent the contaminants from escaping the work area to protect the employees.

    To protect the product, approximately 70% of the room air is pressurized by the blower and forced through the supply HEPA filter prior to entering the work area. Finally, the remaining 30% of air is filtered through an exhaust HEPA filter. The sterile air finally exits the cabinet and is released back into the environment.

    Application areas: Hospitals, Universities, Research Centers, Pharmaceutical Companies, and Biological/life science laboratory

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