C-Frame Lab Bench

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    C-frame is more flexible with simple structure. It selects 60*40/60*30mm square steel, phosphating and pickling
    treatment for surface, epoxy resin powder paint, no prominent section-block, smooth charm, outstanding acid-proof, and alkali-proof performance. Stainless steel and rubber adjustable feet, it’s damping-proof, shipper proof, corrosive-proof. It’s with shock absorbing function and with better weight bearing. The adjustable height is 30~50mm and its bearing capacity can reach above 150KG. C-frame can choose suspended cabinet and push drawer structure. They are easy to be cleaned, assembled, and dissembled. Worktop can choose lab-grade phenolic resins worktop, or epoxy resin worktop, or ceramic worktop, or artificial stone worktop and stainless steel as worktop.

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