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We deliver customer oriented, smart and innovative energy storage solutions that are reliable, safe, cost effective, versatile in application and environmental friendly.

Majority of the world population living in villages or remote locations and also most cities in developing countries do not have a stable or any electricity.

With our COMP HC off and on-Grid Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), it has become so easy and economical to harness, store and deliver on demand reliable electricity from solar, wind, grid or fuel generators Anywhere, Anytime, Always.

The systems are fully equipped with robust lithium battery, battery management systems (BMS), inverters, charge controllers, UPS, digital display panel, etc.

Just connect to solar or grid and start enjoying reliable power.

Our products are rugged, require minimal space and maintenance. They are covered by a 5 years warranty as an attestation of high product quality.

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