For over 20 years Chibek instruments ltd has been supplying quality, dependable solutions and services to the laboratory and scientific community in terms of furniture’s and equipment’s. One of the top laboratory product suppliers in Nigeria, authorized by many international/worldwide recognized brands. we have been meeting customers’ needs throughout Africa.

Renewable Energy

Our independent Micro-Grid Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) ranging between 1300 – 32000 Watts, are cost effective, ideal and robust power systems.

Laboratory Furniture

Design and installation of all-steel, wood & steel laboratory furniture, fume hoods, laminar flow systems, biosafety cabinets, cleanrooms, lab storage cabinets.

Classical Petroleum Testers

For a complete range of equipment to meet all market requirements with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic alternatives for petroleum testing.

Chemical Reagents/Consumables

Tested and trusted with reagents, chemicals and labware from top brands that are subjected to stringent controls during development and production

Analytical Instruments

We provide a wide variety of analytical equipment / instruments to cater for needs of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, oil and gas and lots more.

Safety Equipments

For laboratory safety and environmental monitoring instruments, gear and equipment, from top brands. We are reliable and affordable

Material Testing Equipments

Gives  you a very comprehensive range of testing equipment from top brands used in quality control processes across many aspects of industry.

Techical Support Service

Our Technical and Support team is willing to attend to your queries both online and on-site anytime 24/7 .

Demonstrating & Teaching Equip.

We provide teaching, engineering, technical and research equipment / electronics for higher institutions, research laboratories, inspection agencies etc.

World-Class Product & Equipment

Our Products and services are top notch, choose to shop with Us today.

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Our Services


We specialize in installation of scientific, analytical, teaching and engineering equipment like GC, AAS, UV, Tensile tester, Hydraulic bench.


To make your equipment more acurate and error free, calibration is require. We offer calibration services for wide range laboratory equipment

Maintenance & Repairs

We offer services level agreement for scheduled routine maintenance as well as diagnosis repair of faulty equipment.

Power Audit

We conduct load analysis and profer power solutions to our teaming customer base. We market, sell, install, and maintain world class micro grid energy systems.

Onsite and Online Support

Our engineers are always available for online support services as well as onsite support services in order keep your equipment always functioning with zero downtime.

Fault Management

Fault Management
We specialize in installation of scientific, analytical, teaching and engineering equipment like GC, AAS, UV, Tensile tester, Hydraulic bench