Sales Terms & Conditions

Payments Terms

Payment in full on order placement.

Payment Method Accepted

Cash deposit, Cheque Deposit or Bank Deposit and Transfer into our bank account.


Once goods have arrived at the ports you will be contacted and given the choice of either (1) picking the items up or (2) having us arrange for clearing and delivery to your facility. If you choose option 2, you shall be responsible for all duty, taxes and transportation cost to your delivery address.


We charge a flat rate of N20, 000 for delivery from our warehouse to customer’s facility within Lagos while locations outside Lagos would be determined by distance and volume of goods. For any questions please contact us.

Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are net of withholding tax. That is if any withholding tax deduction is made, equivalent amount is to be added to total amount.
  • Payment in part or in full is considered as acknowledgment that all items listed above match your requirements.
  • All items remain the property of Chibek Instruments Limited until the invoice is paid in full.
  • All sales are final and cannot be modified or cancelled.
  • Prices are based on the quantities specified above. Altering the quantities may affect the unit price.
  • Orders below N500,000 or its equivalent attracts minimum charge of N50,000.
  • Prices are ex-stock Lagos. Unless stated otherwise
  • Delivery time is subject to stock availability at Manufacturer’s warehouse.
  • The transport of chemical/hazardous products is subject to international restrictions and regulations that may lead to delayed shipments.
  • The transport of certain chemicals/hazardous products may require Chibek Instruments Limited to present an import license before Manufacturers can apply for an export license. Such procedures may delay the shipment of concerned items.
  • Dangerous/Harzadous goods may attract extra charges to the customer.
  • Chibek Instruments Limited shall not be held liable or responsible for delays in delivery whether resulting from the unavailability of items in stock with Manufacturers, international restrictions and regulations of the transport of chemical/hazardous products, other regulatory procedures that might apply - including required import and/or export licenses – or for any other reason not mentioned above.