Chibek Instruments Limited is a modern enterprise specializing in laboratory plan, design, production, installation and after sales services. We have been providing industrial, laboratory work space furniture and storage solutions to industries of electronics manufacturing, laboratories in education, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, federal and state parastatals, medical and healthcare, for over 20years. We are workbench expert system solution designer in Nigeria, we design, install, and provide the solution for customers, also helping them to build configurable modular laboratory workbench and offer them professional system implementation. Our laboratory furniture complies with International Standards and our management of production system complies with ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system. We are specialized in providing reliable and complete solution of antistatic engineering system to the customers in the field of cutting-edge technology. We are committed to providing the customers all over the nation with world-class anti-static products and services. We focused on two of the World’s best brands, which are Jiagnsu c-frame modular and Detall c-frame modular. Jiagnsu C-frame modular are re-configurable modular Laboratory Furniture, existing with different frames, worktops, color and most importantly flexible designs. Detall c-frame modular are workbench expert and ESD (Electronic Static Discharge) system solution. Detall c-frame provides the ESD protection solutions, industrial workspace furniture and storage solutions.