About us

Chibek Instruments Limited Solutions for Science

Chibek is a modern enterprise specializing in laboratory plan, design, production, installation and after sales services. Our company’s head office is located in Lagos with a production facility covering an area of approximately 10,000m2.Our products are in various series including all-steel, wood & steel furniture, fume hoods, laminar flow systems, lab storage cabinets, and other lab accessories and fittings. Our company also supply, install and service scientific and engineering equipment from top world brands such as Thermofisher, Carl Zeiss, Edibon, Konik, Horiba, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments etc.We also offer a variety of solutions designed to contribute to research, development, quality control and energy solutions with respect to solar cells and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Quality Policy

Our corporate existence and philosophy is built around satisfying our customers’ requirements legally and enhancing their perception of our product and service quality.

To this extent, we are determined to ensure that:

  • All our customers’ product needs, including application requirements and constraints to the functional capabilities of products requested are properly documented, reviewed and validated.

  • All our internal management processes comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard, and all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • All our employees understand the organization’s unwavering commitment to achieving customer satisfaction legally.

  • Our workforce is qualified, professional, continually retrained and optimally equipped to carry out their functions.

  • We continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and periodically review this policy and corporate quality objectives for adequacy and relevance.